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All-Purpose Rinse-Free Cleaning Spray

All-Purpose Rinse-Free Cleaning Spray

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Vanish Stains with Magic: Introducing Our Ultimate Stain Remover

Say goodbye to stubborn stains! Our Magic Stain Remover is here to make stains disappear like magic. Experience the power of advanced stain-fighting technology in every drop.

Revolutionize Stain Removal Effortlessly!

Don’t worry! Our Foaming Heavy Oil Stain Cleaner will help you solve the problem easily. It is the easiest way to clean all kinds of kitchen stains. Just spray, wipe, and your kitchen will be clean as new!

Conquer Kitchen Chaos

It is effective in combating kitchen stains from grease, heavy oil stains, burn marks, scorch, stubborn dirt, coffee, wine, etc.

Powerful Stain Removal, Gentle Ingredients

Formulated with professional stain-removing detergent, which is non-toxic, odorless, eco-friendly, and non-corroding.

Effortless Kitchen Brilliance

Easy to use. Just spray, wipe, and your kitchen items will be clean as new! Cleaning the kitchen is no longer an effort.

Magic Stain Remover Transforms Everything Anew

Suitable for cleaning pots, pans, stove, pot bottom, floor, water sink, faucets, tiles, kitchen ventilator, sofa, shoes, and so on, making all objects as clean as new.


  • Directly spray the interior cleaner on the desired area.

  • Use a towel or sponge to wipe until the stain is removed.

  • No rinsing is required. Just wipe away the foam with a towel after cleaning.


  1. Is Magic Stain Remover safe for various surfaces? Absolutely! Our formula is designed to be versatile and safe for a wide range of surfaces including pots, pans, floors, and more.

  2. Is the product eco-friendly? Yes, Magic Stain Remover is formulated to be eco-friendly and non-toxic, making it a responsible choice for both your cleaning needs and the environment.

  3. Can I use it on fabrics like sofas and shoes? Indeed! You can confidently use Magic Stain Remover on various fabrics without worrying about damaging them.

  4. Is rinsing required after using the product? No need to rinse! After wiping away the stain, simply use a towel to remove any remaining foam for a sparkling finish.

  5. What types of stains does it work best on? Magic Stain Remover excels at tackling a wide array of stains including grease, oil, burn marks, dirt, coffee, wine, and more.

  6. Is the product odorless? Yes, Magic Stain Remover is formulated to be odorless, ensuring that your cleaning experience is effective and pleasant without any harsh smells.

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